As an advisor I can evaluate your financial situation, as well as advise you on insurance, investments, savings and annuities. Overall, I can provide you advice on pretty much anything a person or family might need in terms of financial services.

Working with a financial security advisor can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to plan for the future!

  • Providing a professional level of financial-based advisory and transactional services to customers:
  • Identifying clients’ needs and goals and assessing their current and future investment actions;
  • Buying and selling financial products such as stocks, commodity futures, foreign currencies, among others, on behalf of investment dealers and other clients;
  • Developing investment and trading strategies while ensuring their clients’ best interests are being served;
  • Recommending the best-suited products to their customers;
  • Promoting financial products and services; and
  • Providing education, counseling, and consultation related to investments and finances.
  • Maintaining detailed records on the transactions executed and decisions made:
  • Following up on customers’ investment portfolios to ensure that every transaction is being held pursuant to industry’s regulations.
  • Establishing business relationships with clients:
  • Maintaining a record of potential customers and transactions.
  • Searching for opportunities to access and build new brokerage markets and products:
  • Keeping up-to-date on legal and financial issues related to their field;
  • Coordinating, conducting, and executing daily, weekly, and quarterly research on market trends and other related topics; and
  • Completing market surveys, data and cash flow analysis, financial modelling, and other deliverables.