Why hire a Realtor (Quebec)

Realtor,  Property in Montreal, West Island and Vaudreuil

How do we start working together?

Send me an email(info@realestateqc.ca) about what you’re looking for, or give me a call at 514-609-4826. If you’ve been searching real estate websites (including the MLS Search on this website), send along the reference numbers of houses you’ve found that caught your fancy. Please include a general budget range. I certainly won’t hold you to it, nor only focus on properties at the upper end of your range, but knowing what price range you’re thinking of helps focus my efforts. If you send an email, please include a phone number, as I may want to follow up with you on the phone. Often on the phone, I can get a much better sense of what you’re looking for and what might work for you.From there, I’ll research listings and email some on to you to take a look at. We can discuss what you like and don’t like, and I can give you my opinions on them.

The next step is for us to go out together to look at houses. Because available inventory in many categories may be limited, there may not be that many houses for sale to actually see, but a trip up is still important.

Do not hesitate to post any question or suggestion!