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Little and yet important details to take on consideration when investing in Real Estate.  You found your dream house but what do you know about:


A servitude is a change imposed on an immovable in favour of another immovable. Some of these servitudes extend to the construction or repair of roads or other public works. Various public agencies (municipalities, Hydro-Quebec) and private companies (telephone, gas, cable) hold or acquire servitudes for the construction and maintenance of their distribution network.



The Civil Code regulates the views on the neighbouring properties in order to preserve the intimacy of the owners.


Zoning Regulations

Zoning allows the municipalities to restrict industrial activities away from residential areas, as the former usually poses many potential dangers (pollution, fire hazards, chemical spills, traffic noises, etc.).

Within each zone, the by-law regulates and establish limits as regards occupation percentage of the lot, maximum and minimum height of the building, number of storeys, etc.

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