Humidity Control

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Humidity Control

Lack of humidity has consequences such as dry nose and throat, static electricity, etc. It also causes problems to furniture(cracks) and wood floor(creaking). This can be solved by independent humidifiers or with a humidifier integrated with the existing forced air heating system. Such a system linked to a humidostat (humidity control device) is without any doubt one of the best.

On the other hand a humidity surplus will stain ceilings, cover windows with condensation in winter time and even rot wood construction (frames and moldings). The most common source of humidity is the daily activities in a building: washing dishes and clothes, cooking, taking a bath or a shower, etc. To control the humidity where it originates, a fan should be installed over the stove, an air tight conduit should be hooked up to the dryer, and good ventilation (natural or forced) should be provided for the washrooms.

The humidity surplus can be eliminated with a dehumidifier or a ventilation system equipped with a heat exchanger(i.e. a system that expels the humidity charged air outside, bringing in fresh air, and  humidity and making sure the heat stays inside). Excessive caulking will prevent proper evacuation of humidity and contribute to the above mentioned problems.

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