Introduction to Quebec Real Estate Law

Author: Catalin Ivan  //  Category: Quebec Real Estate Law

“Ignorance of the law excuses no man”. This quote from John Seldan expresses the heavy burden that weights on every citizen. No, ignorence of the law is no defence! Unfortunately, trade practices are as complex as they are diverse; it therefore takes a battery of consultants and experts to interpret their subtleties for the customer.

Real property law is now exception. It is enough to completelely confuse the neophyte. The obligation to assist and inform the purchaser of an immovable is therefore incumbent on a number o proffesionals, with varying degrees of intensity.

It is not the role of the real estate agent or broker, nor of the land surveyor or architect, to give legal advise. Nevertheless, these people have privileged relationship with the owners, purchasers and vendors. Inevitably, the question they are asked will exceed the strict limits of their own profound expertise.

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