Moving into a Smaller Space

Author: Catalin Ivan  //  Category: Quebec Real Estate -Tips-

“Baby boomers are selling their houses to move into an apartment or condo.

You have to create the illusion that the condo or apartment that’s suffocating you rather than let you breathe is bigger than it is. You already made a superhuman effort to give up all the furniture and objects that you left behind. The house was so big!

So, create an illusion of grandeur. The only way to succeed is through decoration. It’s time to play magician. Here’s a range of tricks.

Curves give the illusion of depth in a space. That’s why it’s best to choose round furniture whenever possible. On the wall, choose pictures that have depth perspective, such as a window opening on the sea or the horizon.
Put glass everywhere! In a pane on the wall, as a kitchen counter surface, etc. I once had a rattan table. The lattice design of rattan and osier give them the power to open up a great deal of space. And the tabletop was glass! You could see right through it. It was round too. Latticework, glass, roundness. It was charming and the table gave the impression of taking up little space.

Artificial or natural, light models the space and plays with the shapes. It’s often underestimated.

When it comes to colours, keep a basic rule in mind: dark colours absorb light while bright colours reflect it. If you have a weakness for dark colours, the dimming effect will be alleviated if your home is facing the sun at noon. If you prefer warm colours, they will have the power to chase away the shade if your home is turned towards the north for most of the day.

In summary, to expand your limited space, you have to connect with the outside world. Final point: decoration professionals recommend the same tone for surfaces and colours from one room to the next. Apparently, too many different tones make the home appear smaller.”

Source of the article: La Capitale Real Estate Network.

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