Should You Use the Seller’s Agent

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Quebec Real Estate

One of the best reasons to hire a real estate agent is that the sellers are likely to use their own agent — and you want to keep that agent from taking over the process. In fact, the seller’s agent may pressure you to let him or her represent both of you, in a “dual agency” relationship that primarily benefits the seller. (The less scrupulous sellers’ agents don’t make it clear that they’re working for both people, but if only one agent is involved in your transaction, it’s fair to assume that the agent’s loyalties are with the seller.) It’s better to have your own agent than settle for dual agency.
But sometimes by using the seller’s agent you may be able to negociate more thoards the value of the house!
Buying a home is a major commitment in terms of both time and money. There are many things to consider when purchasing a home, and the services of a realtor can be a big help when navigating this somewhat confusing world.
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