Money Saver: How should I choose my realtor when buying or selling a property?

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How should I choose my realtor when buying or selling a property?

Selling or Buying a House in Vaudreuil

What most of us do while selecting a real estate broker?

– get a family member, friend who’s a realtor;

-chose a realtor from the local newspaper;

-get a realtor recommended by our friends.

All good, as long as at the end you get the right result of your real estate investment.


Most of the realtors do the exact same work and provide the exact same services, regardless of the company they represent.

The difference is in how available they are to represent you and how far they are willing to go in order to help you save more money from the real estate transaction. Because, let’s be honest: we all want to get the best house available on the market for the lower price possible and as owners we want to sell for the highest price possible.

 Availability: selling a house is not an easy task for the owners. You ill have to be ready to open your door to potential buyers, and if you are serious about selling your house, this is a MUST. Is your realtor willing and available to show your house to potential clients in your absence? Morning, weekend or any time you are not available to do so?

Save more money:

Selling your house: it always starts with the commission rate. This factor can have a direct impact to the asking/selling price

Buying a house: do you get gift certificates for the notary’s fees? Is the realtor a good negotiator?

Best of luck to all.

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