Tips to help your home sell

Author: Catalin Ivan  //  Category: For Sale in Montreal

What is more important? The agency or the agent (real estate broker)?

The agent(s) is the one that can make the difference!

Fact is, that to many buyers, a house that’s been on the market a long time must have hidden problems. And that could lead to unnecessary and endless price reductions. Luckily, even in a distressed market, there are ways to prevent roots from sprouting under the ‘for sale’ sign.

Find a seller’s agent whom you like and trust.

Listen to that agent. The key is to separate the emotional qualities of your home from the basic functional qualities of the house.

Number 1 Rule : Price it right

“Sellers or agents could say, ‘Let’s put it 20% higher, then during negotiation we’ll have room,'” the answer is  “NO! The rule of thumb is you should go where the last (comparable home) sold, or right below that.” Too high, and buyers will be scared off. That applies of course if/when you really want to sell your house!

Here is Team latest example:

Asking price: $251.900 Sold for: $249.500


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