If you have your own business as a self-employed worker(Quebec Real Estate Broker) or you want to start up one, you’ll probably have to think about an home-office that should fulfil your needs in terms of comfort and productivity.

If your work obligates you to receive clients, you will have to marry personal comfort, public relations and necessity to cut your office off from the rest of the house to preserve your family life. (Most of Quebec Real Estate Brokers work only from home).

Also, you’ll have to think about the client’s comfort by providing a waiting room, a stack of magazines to read, a coat rack, ambient music.

If you don’t have to greet clients then you don’t have to worry to much about how your workspace looks.

La Capitale offers interior design, home stage for house sale, renovation contractors and much more (rebates offered to our customers)

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Moving into a Smaller Space

“Baby boomers are selling their houses to move into an apartment or condo.

You have to create the illusion that the condo or apartment that’s suffocating you rather than let you breathe is bigger than it is. You already made a superhuman effort to give up all the furniture and objects that you left behind. The house was so big!

So, create an illusion of grandeur. The only way to succeed is through decoration. It’s time to play magician. Here’s a range of tricks.

Curves give the illusion of depth in a space. That’s why it’s best to choose round furniture whenever possible. On the wall, choose pictures that have depth perspective, such as a window opening on the sea or the horizon.
Put glass everywhere! In a pane on the wall, as a kitchen counter surface, etc. I once had a rattan table. The lattice design of rattan and osier give them the power to open up a great deal of space. And the tabletop was glass! You could see right through it. It was round too. Latticework, glass, roundness. It was charming and the table gave the impression of taking up little space.

Artificial or natural, light models the space and plays with the shapes. It’s often underestimated.

When it comes to colours, keep a basic rule in mind: dark colours absorb light while bright colours reflect it. If you have a weakness for dark colours, the dimming effect will be alleviated if your home is facing the sun at noon. If you prefer warm colours, they will have the power to chase away the shade if your home is turned towards the north for most of the day.

In summary, to expand your limited space, you have to connect with the outside world. Final point: decoration professionals recommend the same tone for surfaces and colours from one room to the next. Apparently, too many different tones make the home appear smaller.”

Source of the article: La Capitale Real Estate Network.

Acquisition of Real Living & Rebranding of GMAC Real Estate

Brookfield Residential Property Services, La Capitale parent company, has acquired Columbus Ohio based Real Living Network Services and as a result will now rebrand GMAC Real Estate as Real Living.

Real Living is an award winning American company known for its innovation, customer service and track record of attracting results-driven brokers and sales professionals, along with a tradition of partnership and collaboration.  It brings a suite of innovative marketing tools, relevant training and a technology platform that when brought together with key GMAC Real Estate services like Premier Service, will position the company for success for many years to come.

Real Living’s Harley Rouda, Jr., a long-time real estate American industry broker, owner, operator and franchisor, has been appointed President of the newly formed Real Living company.  Please join me in wishing Harley and his team much success, as our U.S. based real estate cousins begin a great, new chapter under the Real Living brand.

As a result of this acquisition, Brookfield’s North American real estate network now consists of almost 30,000 real estate professionals in over 1,200 offices, selling over $50B worth of real estate each year.

For more information, please see www.realliving.com

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Comparative Market Analysis

Vaudreuil RealtorMistake to avoid: Failing to have a Comparative Market Analysis prepared before offering. Before you make an offer to purchase that special home, you must have a good idea what the market value is to ensure you do not overpay. Your agent can prepare a Comparative Market Analysis showing what similar homes have recently sold for, and the difference between the asking and selling prices. This is the same type of report the seller receives when deciding on an asking price. Wouldn’t you like to have access to the same information as the seller?

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The Classification of Property

Quebec Real Estate Law:
Quebec’s legislators use different classifications to define a specific framework for the application of the rights and obligations of owner. The law distinguishes between things and property according to whether they are: appropriable or non appropriable, on the market or off, fungible or non fungible, expandable or non expandable, corporeal or incorporeal. Although differences in economic value are no longer as crucial as they once were, the distinction between movable is still the richest classification, in terms of both its importance and its consequences.
This is were the role of a realtor becmes very important when buying or selling a property.
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