For Rent: Puerto de la Cruz de Tenerife

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For Rent: Puerto de la Cruz de Tenerife, a paradise island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!
price 600 euro / month.
An apartment (studio) of 55 m2 + 10 m2 with terrace, located in a quiet and elegant area. Quality edifice above the sea, family environment
spectacular views of the ocean, city and Vulcan Teide.
  • heated pool
  • renovated kitchen equipped
  • renovated bathroom
  • washer, dryer, towels provided
  • parabolic antenna
  • free wi-fi area, internet possibility (+ $$)
  • menage done by oneself or additional charges
  • stop bus two blocks from home
  • 45 minutes from Aeropuerto Tenerife Norte bus
  • 2 supermarkets nearby
  • shopping center
  • private clinic, dentist, pharmacy, banks, beauty salons
  • commercial street with many restaurants, cafes, shops for clothing, souvenirs and other items
  • botanical garden close-available from 1 st May to 30 October
  • price 600 euro / month, minimum 300 euros (electricity, cold / hot water included)



Tips to help your home sell

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What is more important? The agency or the agent (real estate broker)?

The agent(s) is the one that can make the difference!

Fact is, that to many buyers, a house that’s been on the market a long time must have hidden problems. And that could lead to unnecessary and endless price reductions. Luckily, even in a distressed market, there are ways to prevent roots from sprouting under the ‘for sale’ sign.

Find a seller’s agent whom you like and trust.

Listen to that agent. The key is to separate the emotional qualities of your home from the basic functional qualities of the house.

Number 1 Rule : Price it right

“Sellers or agents could say, ‘Let’s put it 20% higher, then during negotiation we’ll have room,'” the answer is  “NO! The rule of thumb is you should go where the last (comparable home) sold, or right below that.” Too high, and buyers will be scared off. That applies of course if/when you really want to sell your house!

Here is Team latest example:

Asking price: $251.900 Sold for: $249.500


Pierrefonds – What Does Location, Location, Location Mean?

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4973 Rue Bonny
Pierrefonds-Roxboro (Montréal)
H8Y 2A4

No Centris® 22960997 Municipal Assessment: $277,800 Asking Price: $309.900 Click here to view this property full description. You can buy the right home in the wrong location. You can change the structure, remodel it or alter the home’s layout but, ordinarily, you cannot move it. It’s attached to the land. The best locations are those in prime spots such as:

  • Within Top-Rated School Districts Home buyers with children are concerned about their children’s education and often will pay more for a home that is located in a highly desirable school district.
  • Close to Outdoor Recreation and Nature Homes abutting the ocean, rivers, lakes or parks will hold their value because of the location, providing they are not in the path of a possible natural hazard. People want to be near water or visually appealing settings.


  • Near Public Transportation, Health Care and Jobs Most people do not want to endure long commutes to work, the doctor’s office nor the airport. They prefer to be located close to emergency services and conveniences, so naturally homes in locations that shorten travel time are more desirable.

See for yourself if Pierrefonds is the right location for your next house. EXCELLENT location, very quiet and pleasant residential area, close to highways and more.



Pierrefonds has the largest nature park in the City of Montreal, the Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park. It is also home to a few English elementary schools (St. Anthony School, St. Charles School, Greendale, Terry Fox School, Thorndale), as well as two public English high schools, Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School and Riverdale. There is also two French private school, Collège Charlemagne and Collège Beaubois.


The former town had two nature parks known as Roxboro Island[8] and Roxboro Woods[9] , three elementary schools (Lalande, French; Charles-Perrault, French; and Socrates, Greek) as well as a small library and a large library (1997).[10] (William G. Boll).It also had a Federal Canada Post office 1996-12-13.[11] The former headquarters of the Roxboro Volunteer Fire Brigade is now Station 58 of the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal and houses a single engine company. The adjacent former Roxboro Town Hall houses the Fire Prevention officers for Fire Division 11, and also serves as a borough point of service for the Roxboro area.


The borough is served by the Sunnybrooke and Roxboro-Pierrefonds stations on the Deux-Montagnes commuter train line. Major thoroughfares include Saint Charles Boulevard, Saint John’s Boulevard, Sources Boulevard, as well as Gouin, and Pierrefonds Boulevards.

map exampleexample

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Majoration des primes d’assurance prêt hypothécaire

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Majoration des primes d’assurance prêt hypothécaire pour logements de propriétaires-occupants et
immeubles locatifs comptant un à quatre logements – à compter du 1er mai 2014

À compter du 1er mai 2014, les primes seront majorées de 15 % en moyenne.

Mise de fonds 5%     – avant 2.75%        –  a compter du 1 mai 2014   / 3.15%
                       10%   –           2.00%                                                         2.40%
                       15%   –           1.75%                                                         1.80%    
                       20%   –           1.00%                                                         1.25%  etc….

Pour les travailleurs autonomes:
Mise de fonds 10%    – avant 4.75%        – a compter du 1 mai 2014  /   5.45%      
                        15%    –           2.90%                                                        3.35% etc..

Le nouveau barème des primes s’appliquera aux nouvelles demandes d’assurance prêt hypothécaire présentées le ou après le 1er mai 2014. Quant au barème actuel, il s’appliquera aux demandes transmises à la SCHL avant le 1er mai 2014, quelle que soit la date de clôture. Comme c’est déjà le cas, les renseignements complets sur l’emprunteur et la propriété doivent figurer dans la demande d’assurance prêt hypothécaire transmise à la SCHL.
Ex. : pour l’achat d’une propriété – 200.000$ avec 5% mise de fonds (10.000$)  // hypothèque 190.000$ + prime SCHL (avant 2.75% = 5.225$,   1 Mai 2014  3.15% = 5.985$ , une difference de +760$ )
Pour les travailleurs autonomes (revenue auto-declare)  – achat d’une propriété 200.000$ – avec 10% mise de fond (20.000$) // hypotheque 180.000$ + prime SCHL (avnat  8.550$  – 1.05.2014 – 9.810$ , une difference de +  1.260$

Selling your house?Vous envisagez de vendre votre maison?

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House for SaleMaison à vendre

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Asking price: 245 000 $
8150 Boul. des Mille-Îles
Saint-François (Laval)
H7A 4A9

No Centris® 10252311

Municipal Assessment: 245 300 $

Pieces: 10
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Washrooms: 1
Built: 1969

This house is in very good condition – renoveted over time. The kitchen is very large with lots of oak cabinets. Stove and oven set included. The dining room is very sunny and its ceiling decorated with boxes gives it lots of character. The living room has a wood stove and we will also find a handy desk. Gorgeous bathroom – Adjoining to the master bedroom it was renovated with great taste. The basement has its own entrance leading (perfect for home office) into the family room equipped with another wood stove. The rooms in the basement are very sunny thanks to large windows. Is a must see!

Laval (Saint-François)

At the Tip of the Island

The city of Saint-François, located at the tip of the Laval Island, is the second largest neighbourhood of this area. This neighbourhood was named in honour of blessed François de Laval.

Mainly devoted to agriculture, this former municipality, which is now a neighbourhood of the large city of Laval, is bordered by the Mille-Îles River to the north and the Prairies River to the south. Here, you will find the Old Saint-François as well as the Fromagerie du Vieux-Saint-François.

Prix demandé: 245 000 $
8150 Boul. des Mille-Îles
Saint-François (Laval)
H7A 4A9

No Centris® 10252311

Évaluation (municipale) 245 300 $
Pieces: 10
Chambres: 4
Salles de bain: 2
Salles d’eau: 1
Construite: 1969
Maison très bien rénovée au fil du temps. La cuisine est très grande avec beaucoup d’armoires en chêne. Plaque chauffante et four encastré inclus. La salle à manger est très ensoleillée et son plafond orné de caissons lui procure beaucoup de cachet. Le salon est doté d’un foyer à combustion lente et on y retrouve également un pratique coin bureau. La salle de bain est splendide. Attenante à la chambre des maîtres elle fut rénovée avec beaucoup de goût. Le sous-sol possède son entrée indépendante donnant dans la salle familiale munie d’un autre foyer à combustion lente. Les chambres du sous-sol sont très bien ensoleillées grâce aux très grandes fenêtres. Plusieurs inclus… À voir sans faute !

Laval (Saint-François)

Tout au bout

Le quartier de Saint-François, situé tout à l’est de l’île de Laval, est le deuxième en importance dans cette région quant à sa superficie. C’est en l’honneur du bienheureux François de Laval que ce quartier obtint son nom.

Voué aujourd’hui principalement à l’agriculture, cette ancienne municipalité est bordée par les rivières des Mille-Îles au nord et des Prairies au sud. On y trouve également le Vieux-Saint-François ainsi que la Fromagerie du Vieux-Saint-François.

Open houses could benefit the agentLes Visites Libre pourraient bénéficier l’agent

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Open houses could benefit the agent (but not necessary): In many cases, the only one who benefits from open houses are agents. They meet potential buyers, who may not be interested in your home, but who may become potential buyer clients of other homes that the agent knows about. There are also risks of people stealing valuables when they are inside your home, often by coming in pairs; one to distract the agent while the other goes through the drawers. When the open house is only open to other agents, then there is a stronger likelihood that the people coming will actually have clients who are potentially interested in your property.

But not necessary – there are lots of real estate brokers with potential clients visiting open houses on regular basis. Also as mentioned above, buyers that opted to buy a house without a realtor.

Contact us if you need professional help selling your property:

Les Visites Libre pourraient bénéficier l’agent (mais pas nécessaire): Dans de nombreux cas, le seul qui bénéficie de Visites Libre sont des agents. Ils rencontrent les acheteurs potentiels, qui peuvent ne pas être intéressé dans votre maison, mais qui peut devenir clients acheteurs potentiels d’autres maisons que l’agent connaît. Il existe également des risques de se voir voler des objets de valeur quand ils sont à l’intérieur de votre maison, souvent en venant en paires: une pour distraire l’agent tandis que l’autre va dans les tiroirs. Quand la maison ouverte est ouvert uniquement à d’autres agents, alors il y a une forte probabilité que les gens qui viennent seront effectivement avoir des clients qui sont potentiellement intéressés par votre propriété.

Mais pas nécessaire – il y a beaucoup de courtiers immobiliers avec des clients potentiels de visiter des maisons ouvertes sur une base régulière. En outre, comme mentionné ci-dessus, les acheteurs qui ont choisi d’acheter une maison sans agent immobilier.

Contactez-nous si vous avez besoin d’aide professionnelle vente de votre propriété:

Commissions are negotiableCommissions sont négociables

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Commissions are negotiable : Some agents may charge a percentage of the sale price, others may charge a flat fee. Real Estate brokers will offer different services, depending on the commission, so ask questions about how your home will be marketed. Do not be fooled by the offer of a free valuation of your home in exchange for signing with an real estate broker. Most brokers will do this for free.

Most people are capable of selling their own home, as long as they are willing to make the commitment of time, effort, and money it will take to make the sale! However, there are also multiple aspects to watch for when you sell your own home – some that could cost you more money than the commissions you would otherwise pay, and others that could even cost you the sale!

Contact us now to find out how can you put more money in your pocket when selling your property. info@realestateqc.caCommissions sont négociables: Certains agents peuvent exiger un pourcentage du prix de vente, d’autres un montant forfaitaire.

Poser des questions sur la façon dont votre maison sera commercialisé.

La plupart des gens sont capables de vendre leur propre maison, tant qu’ils sont prêts à prendre le temps, l’efforts et l’argent necessaire pour finaliser la vente! Cependant, il ya aussi plusieurs aspects à surveiller lorsque vous vendez votre maison – certains qui pourrait vous coûter plus d’argent que les commissions que vous auriez normalement à payer, et d’autres qui pourraient même vous coûter la vente!

Good time to buy or sell in Vaudreuil?

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Good time to buy or sell in Vaudreuil?

What do you think? One example of many similar:

House Vaudreuil

House Vaudreuil

Original owner bought the house in 2007 for 251 145 $. In 2010 gets 285000$ for it. Second owner sells the house in 2013 for 315000$. The value of the house increased with over 25% in 6 years. As a seller: how would you market your house in order to sell for the higher price possible? How would you make your house visible to potential buyers? If you have any questions, please contact us.

Save more money with us :

Selling your house: consider the commission rate. This factor can have a direct impact to the asking/selling price

Buying a house:  gift certificates for the notary fees.

Investing in Vaudreuil is a good ideea.

Vaudreuil-Soulanges offers its population an undeniably unique high quality of life. With a diverse mix of living environments, there is plenty of room for all tastes and lifestyles.

Discover the urban communities of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Pincourt and L’Île-Perrot, situated close to all major services and roadways.

Access to quality education services:

  • Universities in Montreal within 30 minutes of Vaudreuil-Soulanges (6)
  • Educational Institutions and colleges within 15 minutes (3)
  • French and English public schools, elementary and secondary (52)
  • Vocational Training Centres (2), for adult education and training in the workplace

Access to health services:

  • Two hospitals within 20 minutes and quick access to specialized centers in Montreal
  • A dozen general and specialized clinics
  • Public and private accommodation for the elderly
  • Three health centers and points for social services

A variety of shops and accelerated growth of commercial opportunities: food business, restaurants, furniture and much more.